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We have been making solution lamp shade materials and complete lamp shades, and the OEM service etc. for that who is interested lampshade and interior designs, and lamp & shade distributors and so on.

They are like lamp shade makers, lamp & shade distributor, lamp shade designer, lighting and interior design, architect, and lighting contractor, artist etc.

We can make the jobs and support as below:

For the lamp shade maker, we can supply all kinds of fabrics of lamp shade, and with other materials support for the lamp shades what they want to make, at the reasonable price and quality test first before they order. More, we will be pleased to share something on craftmanship and technology support, if they need.

For the designers and architect, We not only supply the lamp shade with the materials but share our ideas and technology support for their innovative design. Our engineer will happy to make their dream lamp shade design out by our materials and manufacture in our factory of China.

For the lighting distributor and lamp shade distributor, we have been supplying the lamp shades for the supermarkets both of USA and European, and some special design quality for the lighting brands company around the world those quality is luxury and amazing design. Any special design and quality for crafted lamp shades, just to contact us for a talk, we will surprise you indeed.  

For the lamp and shade contractor, we can make any bespoke fabric lamp shade in China with reasonable price. Just show us the drawing and design, then we will finish everything for you soon finally. 

For the artist, they can got any types and kinds of materials for lamp shade from our China factory and our sourcing team. We have good relationship with all kind of lamp shade materials supplier. We can find and make a good solution for your innovative lamp shade designs.

For anyone who is interested in the lamp shade, and lamp shade materials, we are happy to make friend, and work together, share together, congress together, make the world more beautiful together by our lamp and shade materials and jobs. Good friend and good luck!

Any question on lamp shade material and design, and craft, and technology, contact us:

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