lampshade fabrics linen

Lampshade fabrics:

We have been making fabrics of lamp shade for customers like cotton, linen, silk, Satin fabric, leather, feather, raffia, PP, PS, PVC, PS, and all kinds of sterin materials as hard back for lamp shade, and the white cloth for the soft back of lamp shade, painting fabrics, and updated printed fabrics and so on.

Metal parts of lamp shade:

Our lamp shade factory could all kinds of metal parts for the making of lamp shade. If you are a lampshade maker or artist, or/and designer, would like to make your dreamĀ  lamp shade by youself, it is OK to buy the metal parts from us only that means you do not need to complete lampshade from us. Got it?

metal parts for lamp shade
trims and accessories for lamp shade

Accesssoreis of lampshade: We supply many kinds of accessories for lampshade, like: tape of fabric for lampshade, trims for lampshade, fringes, and tassel, macrame, edging, and laces for lamp shade. Any small decor for lampshade is our care for all customers.

trims and tapes of lamp shade

Fabric lampshades:

Of course, our skilled worker could make all kinds of fabric lamp shades by our lamp shade materials and fabrics. If you have any idea / design / picture / business to make your own lampshade, we can help to produce them for you. More, and sample for testing of our quality is available.

soft back pleated fabric lamp shade with unique design
bespoke fabric lamps for AXO light from our China lamp shade MEGA FACTORY who good at the OEM for brands light

Fabric lamps: We have been making fabric lamps at OEM supply for some lighting company from our lamp shade fabrics. And bespoke fabric lamp, is not a hard job by us, as there are craftmanship workers in our lamp and shade factory. Custom made order for fabric lamp is OK.

Machine and technology support:

We are pleased to share our knowledge at the making of lamp shade with our lamp shade makers/customers. Any question on the making of lamp shade, it is feel free to contact get ta support.

Printed machines for lamp shade making

More updated supports and products on lamp shades, are on the way……

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