Bespoke fabric lamps

do something more on fabric lamp shade

As a large and top lamp shade materials maker, we could make the bespoke fabric lamp as well from our lamp and shade materials.

If you have idea or would like to make our normal fabric lamp, just let us know and then, our engineers will help you to make it out.


It is a easy way to make a pendant lamp from our fabrics and adding a single cable and canopy. If you need support, just contact us.

innovative and inspirated ideas for lamp shade design 2023

Yes, our fabrics, lace, PP, PS, PVC, all of lamp shade materials, could go to be made in any shade for tailored lamps. 

bespoke fabric lamps for AXO light from our China lamp shade MEGA FACTORY who good at the OEM for brands light
pinecone shade made by our fabric PP material for a table lamp

We were, are, and will be our customers’ strong and professional supporter on the manufacture of lamp and shade mateirals.

Contact us, for any question on fabric lamps, fabric shade, fabric materials:

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