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About us:

M (Mega) factory is a professional manufacturer of materials of lamp shade in China. We supply the fabrics of lampshade, metals of lamp shade, trims, and tapes of fabrics for the lamp shade makers. And moreover, our factory could make the complete fabric lamp shades for the designers, and the requires of all customers around the world.

In the short, we can make any option when clients would like to make the size, shade, color, pleated fabric, trims, finishes, and fitting of lampshade, and any accessories of lamp shade for their business and ideas etc.

Exactly, you could get an idea that we have been totally supplying the solution for cloth lamp shades and all parts of lamp shade that needed to make any idea lampshade in China for almost 20 years in the lighting and lampshade industry. Those experiences and support of our old customers, help us to understand more on the lamp shade, and materials of lamp shade, and the related fabric lamps. On other hand, that also makes us to be the most outstanding supplier for lamp shades making and design. It is good recycle for both of our clients and us in the fabric lamp shades.

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Our mainly features:

screen cannage fabrics material

Fabrics of lampshade

woven raffia grass for lamp shade and crafted works

There are all sorts and kinds of cloth for the fabric lamp sahdes in our stores. We can make cotton, linen, silk percaline, linen, pvc etc…. as the original materials for lamp shades from our resilient of supply chain. 

More fabrics: Fabrics of lampshade

pleated fabric lamp shade innovative design with painting pattern from China

Fabric lamp shades:

We can make all kinds of cloth lamp shades as well as all parts of lamp shade for other lamp shade makers. 

More fabric shades link: Fabric lampshades

Metals of lamp shade:

We could make any shade of metals and any part of metal of lamp shade for the customers from all over the world. It is OK to fit for both American style and European type, and more, any design of metal for any culture in any market. Just go to let us know what you want?

More lampshade metals: Metals of lampshade


metals of lamp shade
trims and tapes of lamp shade

Trims and tapes of lamp shade:

It is OK for us to make in any size/width and any colour of the trims/tapes for the lamp shade. And we are pleased to make or/and source the related decorative parts for your idea lamp shade. Just contact us to show your idea, then we will fill up for you.

More accessories for lamp shade: Accessories of lampshade


More, the craftmanship, technology and skills of making for lamp shade and fabric lamps, will be happy to supply from us. If you need any support for making your idea lamp shade, and business consultation on lamp shade, please feel free to contact us to an friendly support and solution.

More support: crafts and technologies of lamp shade

new designs of lamp shade made by laser cutting technology

Our philosophy:

To be an outstanding supporter for lamp shade makers, distributors of lamp and shade, designers of lamp shade, and artist of lamp shade, the best supplier of lamp shades of hotelers and the owner of restaurants around the world. To support anyone who is interested in the cloth lamp shades. To make the world be a little difference by our lamp shade and lamp shade materials. Because of us, the lighting industry, the lamp shade industry, and decor world, the common life, to bright up a more colorful.

We believe that we will never be successful until you come back to us for a second order!




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ESG materials for lamp shade and lighting industry: 

ESG materials for lamp shade and lighting: Our materials for lamp shade making are ENVIRONMENTAL / SOCIA FRIENDLY / Governance (ESG).  As a sustainable manufacturer of lamp shade materials, our fabrics for lamp shade is not only inflaming retarding, but also environment friendly. Patricianly the PP martial for lamp shade, we suggested all lamp shade materials manufacturers in China to develop and share our technology of fire retardation PP material. We are doing our hard job to work with our partners to improve both of the innovative fabrics of lampshade and the friendly materials of social and environment. Be “a good guy” in the lighting and lampshade industry, is our philosophy.



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Phone: 0086 136 2270 3681

Factory: Guzhen Zhongshan city GD China.

Office: Xiaolan Zhongshan city GD China.



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