Accessories of lampshade

As a large lamp shade materials supplier in China lighting industry for more than 20 years, that helps us to get more sources support on the lamp shade production, and that is why we can make and supply all kinds of accessories for our customers.

trims and accessories for lamp shade
metals of lamp shade

We supply many kinds of accessories for lampshade, like: tape of fabric for lampshade, trims for lampshade, fringes, and tassel, macrame, edging, and laces for lamp shade. Any small decor for lampshade is our care for all customers.

trims and fringes for lamp shade edges


There are bespoke color and size of fabric tape for any kinds of soft back lamp shade and hard back lamp shade in our factory.

Self-adhesive fabric tape is our common accessory for hard back lamp shades. There are different color and size for customers to match their own lamp shades. 

trims and tapes of lamp shade

More updated and innovative accessories for lamp shade, will show in our showroom and website soon.

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