Our story for the solution of fabric lamp shades and the related materials, with its craftmanship from China!

About us:

M (Mega) factory is a professional manufacturer of materials of lamp shade in China. We supply the fabrics of lampshade, metals of lamp shade, trims, and tapes of fabrics for the lamp shade makers. And moreover, our factory could make the complete fabric lamp shades for the designers, and the requires of all customers around the world.

In the short, we can make any option when clients would like to make the size, shade, color, pleated fabric, trims, finishes, and fitting of lampshade, and any accessories of lamp shade for their business and ideas etc.

Exactly, you could get an idea that we have been totally supplying the solution for cloth lamp shades and all parts of lamp shade that needed to make any idea lampshade in China for almost 20 years in the lighting and lampshade industry. Those experiences and support of our old customers, help us to understand more on the lamp shade, and materials of lamp shade, and the related fabric lamps. On other hand, that also makes us to be the most outstanding supplier for lamp shades making and design. It is a good recycle for both of our clients and us in the fabric lamp shades industry.

More on us, please Email: sale@m-fabric-lampshade.com

As our business and ability go up, our factory can make a totally solution for the customers like fabric lamp shade maker, lamp and shade retailer, interior designer, architect, artist of lampshade, the owner of hotel and restaurant, and lighting designer, hospitality decor supplier, lighting company, etc.

For the lampshade maker: who can buy the lamp shade fabrics and other materials directly from us, and get our support on the craftmanship and technology like laser-cut of fabric, and printed designer for their lamp shades etc.

For the lamp shade retailers: who can buy and customized order the fabric lamp shades from us, get something ideal from us for which items are hot and good popular in the lamp and shade markets etc.

For the designer and architect, who can get their idea fabrics form us, and get an idea how to make out designs in a good quality fabric and craftmanship with amazing materials from our mage stored fabrics and trims.

For the owner of hospitality and restaurant, they can get a complete same replaced fabric lamp shade for their projects, and also, could order some customized lamp shade for updating their decor to boost their business etc.

For the lighting companies, they can get any materials to match their innovative lighting and get a good suggestion for what is saving and updated fabric lamp shade for their new design of lighting and the related market inform of lamp shade for lighting designs and so on. More, they can get and make our lamp shade materials to make their own lamp shade and light by their own light designers.

For the artist, can get mage materials and fabrics to make their art for decor, even like our lamp shades. More, our lamp shade and the innovative materials could inspirate their new idea for the art.

In one word, we are happy to support anyone who is interested in the fabric lamp shade and materials.

Just take it easy to email us, to make an amazing story with us on the lamp shade. HAHAHA.

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