lamp shade harps and metal parts and finials

There are lamp shade harps metal parts and customized lamp shade metal frames, and lamp shade finials supply in our showroom.

In a word, we have been supplying all series and kinds of lamp shade metal parts for the customers in all the world.

Any metal parts of lamp shades you need, just go to visit them in our categories, and check in our tags in the website, and a better way is to email us to get a quick answer and support.



Finial parts, and finial for lamp shade decor, harps, adapters, metal frames/parts of bulb shield, night light, hexagon, square, Victorian, oval, rectangle and triangle. And rings, washers, chimney, uno, clip, luminary of metal parts all is available in our factory.

metal parts for lamp shade



Metal frames for the soft back fabric lamp shades.


More lamp shade metal parts support/innovative design/hot metal finial decor will update every month.


We believe that we never be good enough, until you come back to us again for a second order!  

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